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Artist Signup

Awesome! You are ready to join forces with Southern Gospel artists just like you. 

1. Activation Fee - At this time we are not charging the $49 activation fee in an effort to get you on board.

2. Monthly Subscription - $9.99 per month for up to THREE projects or $14.99 for UNLIMITED projects.   

3. Load Products - For now, the first three projects will be uploaded for you for free.  Any projects above 3, there will be a ONE TIME upload fee of $9.99 per project to upload your files.  We will contact you to let you know what we need from you to make this process happen quickly.

4. Sales Link - You will get a unique URL link that you can place on your website to send your fans to this site for purchasing your music via a digital download from Southern Gospel Downloads.  This URL will direct your fans to YOUR product page on our site.

5. MAKE MONEY!!! Then we simply start selling...


DISCLAIMER:   The artist is responsible for ALL COPY-WRITE and MECHANICAL LICENSING FEES.   Southern Gospel Downloads nor any of its affiliate programs shall or will be responsible for any unpaid royalties owed on the artist's behalf.